About Us

We make professional treatments possible for everyone who wants to have healthy, youthful skin.

Our Mission

Here at Young&Be, we saw the state of the skincare industry: expensive treatments, confusing routines, and tons of unnecessary products that take away your precious time and fill your closet with half-used, ineffective products.

What we need is revolutionary technology that transforms the abilities of skincare as a whole-- without the clutter. 

We designed our cutting-edge medical beauty solutions to be intuitive yet potent, so you can achieve visible improvements with ease. 

Based on years of research, innovation, and meticulous engineering, you can be assured that our products are safe, innovative, and deliver lasting results.

Everyday, our skin fights stress, UV damage, and aging. Regardless of your circumstances, Young&be wants to support you with simple, effective solutions that allow you to focus on what's truly important.

Our Story

Young&Be is the first beauty-tech line from Reziena, founded by CEO Connor Shin (Shin Seung-Woo) in 2017 with the mission to bring clinical, FDA-approved dermatology into the home. After successfully developing the beauty device, "Pra.L" at LG Electronics, he realized that there were still so many unfulfilled needs within the skincare and beauty industry. 

 Thus, he resolved to start a medical beauty tech company in order to integrate new technologies with skincare science-- to disrupt the status quo and dare to bring in something unique.

Therefore, Young&Be was created with the idea that skincare-- especially at-home skincare-- could be so much more than it is now. We want to break down the walls separating clinical, dermatological care and home care, giving you the innovative tools and knowledge to achieve the skin you desire with transparency and ease -- at a fraction of the cost. 

Take a chance with us, and rediscover what skincare means to you.


Our Partners

We will be the trailblazers that shake up this stagnant industry. 


14, Magokjungang 8-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Name : Reziena Inc. | CEO: Connor Shin

Business License Number : 559 - 86 - 00700 

통신판매업신고번호 : 제 2022-서울강서-3115호 

TEL : +82 02) 6207-5598 

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