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Young&Be provides an anti-aging at-home HIFU device that is effective for face lifting, reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the face, and diminishing eye bags.


Young&Be cosmetics uses the best ingredients for anti-aging and brightening effect to enhance your skin vitality and youthfulness.

AI Doctor

Young&Be developed a AI skin analyzing system that measures skin type, texture, tone and moisture level of your skin to recommend personalized skincare guides and products.


14, Magokjungang 8-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Name : Reziena Inc. | CEO: Connor Shin

Business License Number : 559 - 86 - 00700 

통신판매업신고번호 : 제 2022-서울강서-3115호 

TEL : +82 02) 6207-5598 

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